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Dwayne Gill

Dwayne Gill-thriller author

Me and My Lovely Wife

Dwayne Gill and his wife-thriller author


Riddick--thriller author's dog

thriller author's family

Sampson Cane

My beautiful baby boy

Born 8/19/2018

Pictured with his beautiful mother

Dwayne Gill

As a young boy, Dwayne possessed an incredibly creative imagination.  He didn't require all the latest toys to invent his own worlds; just put him outside, and an hour later he'd have the flowers in the backyard arranged by color and fighting epic battles.  G.I. Joe action figures, stuffed animals, even crayons became the cast of his movies. 

As he got older, the props changed, or disappeared altogether, but his imagination never stopped.  When he was twelve, he first conceived the idea of his coming novel series, "Written By Blood."  He played versions of the story in his head for years, only to finally decide to put it on paper in his late twenties.  

Dwayne lives in Central Louisiana with his wife, his son Sampson, and his dog, Riddick. He works as an insurance producer for his mother and stepfather.

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