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Written By Blood: Conviction

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Abandoned to a secret government program at birth, Cane was trained to be the world's most skilled assassin. For years he excelled in the field, bringing dangerous terrorists all over the world to justice and making even the most protected villains lose sleep. But since the program was shut down four years ago, he's been forced into hiding, doing odd jobs to keep himself busy and struggling to find a place for himself in society.  

One day, Cane finds a cryptic message from Marcene, a mysterious lady who knows more about him than she should. She wants his help in investigating the phenomenon of ordinary men disappearing by the thousands, leaving their families and careers behind, only to turn up elsewhere in the country. Even more curious are the markings, which look like tattoos, that each bear upon their return. Conspiracy theories have abounded for years, but little has ever been known about these men... until now. Marcene claims the missing men are not only dangerous terrorists plotting a major attack on U.S. soil, but that they're also genetically enhanced, and she sends Cane on a series of tasks to prove it.  

Guided more by curiosity than anything, Cane agrees to help Marcene, but during the first mission, he discovers that one of the marked men's leaders is a name he's familiar with: Amos, a man who has been behind terrorist activity before.  

Cane's next mission is the most important step, according to Marcene: finding and recruiting Daniel, a mountain of a man with a long history of violence.  

There's only one problem: he's a convicted murderer in a super-max prison.  

Cane recruits some of his old associates to help him, but Amos and the marked men are watching and making plans of their own, and they'll use any tactic available in order to ensure their plans remain in place, including hurting the few people Cane cares about.  

It's not only the marked men hot on their trail; FBI Agents who've been hunting Cane since the dissolution of Red Delta, are getting closer as well.  

What started as curiosity for Cane quickly turns into something personal when Amos targets one of Cane's friends and her daughter, sending him on a frantic race against time, pitted against enemies that far outnumber him and his friends. It'll be a struggle to balance saving his friend and rescuing Daniel, all while battling his own demons and self-doubt.  

To succeed, it'll take determination. 

It'll take focus. 

It'll take CONVICTION.

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