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Written By Blood: Friction


The boys are back: Bigger, badder, and bloodier than ever. 

Following their series of narrow victories in Conviction, Cane, Daniel, and their misfit friends are getting closer to exposing the apocalyptic plot by the terrorist organization known as the marked men; genetically enhanced citizens led by a dangerous man named Vinson and his deadly lieutenants. Now they must find and rescue William, an Army Ranger who promises to have the answers they need in order to uncover the terrorists’ grand scheme. There’s only one problem: The Russians are holding him as a POW in a Middle Eastern country. The race is on to recover William before Vinson finds out who he is. 

While Vinson and his lieutenants have been embarrassed and outmaneuvered by Cane and Daniel in the past, they’re determined to strike them where it hurts worst. Unable to pin the two men down personally, they’ll do the next-best thing: target those closest to the men while they’re distracted overseas. 

The race is on, and the clock is ticking. Can Cane and Daniel recover William before Vinson finds out who he is? Can they get back to their families and friends in time to save them from the monsters who hunt them? Will William have the answers they need in order to discover and thwart the terrorists’ plans? 

Friction, the second novel of the Written By Blood series, like the first, promises to be action-packed from front to back. If you like conflicted antiheroes and fast-paced thrillers, you won’t want to miss out on this one! Just scroll back up to get your copy today!

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