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Written By Blood: Friction

The boys are back, plus one...


The boys are back as the struggle between Bad Versus Evil rages on….

Cane, Daniel, and their misfit friends are getting closer to exposing the terrorist plot by the marked men, genetically enhanced men led by a shady figure named Vinson and his dangerous lieutenants. The final step of their journey involves rescuing William, the third man of their trio, who is a POW being held captive halfway around the world. 

While extracting him will be hard enough, Vinson and his men have plans of their own. While Cane and Daniel are busy overseas, the terrorists are closing in on the ones they care most about. 

Cane, Daniel, and William won’t be away forever, though, and the only question is whether they’ll return to save their friends and family, or to avenge them.

The second novel of the Written By Blood series, like the first, promises to be action-packed from front to back. If you like conflicted antiheroes and fast-paced thrillers, you won’t want to miss out on this one!  

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