Written By Blood: Friction

The boys are back, plus one...


Cane: a rogue assassin. Daniel: a huge, violent killer. And now, they add the third man of the antihero trio, William. That is, if they can find a way to extract the Army Ranger from a Middle Eastern prison camp before Vinson and the terrorist group of marked men figure out who he is. 

With both Cane and Daniel busy overseas, the marked men can operate without interference in the U.S., and Vinson and crew devise a plan to kill everyone Cane and Daniel have grown to care for and protect. 

The stakes have never been higher, the action and suspense never heavier, as the three antiheroes must come home to either save their friends, or to avenge them. 

In a perfect world, our heroes would be virtuous and loyal, but this isn’t a perfect world, and Cane, Daniel, and William are not your typical heroes. As they rub shoulders against a different brand of evil, the line between good and evil, black and white, is distorted, leaving one result: 


June 2019