CaneDemnation--a Written By Blood Prequel Thriller

Cane is a ruthless assassin, trained from birth by a clandestine government program. After it’s forced to shut down, he becomes one of the world’s most wanted men. But hiding in the shadows is boring; Cane longs to feel the same rush he did when hunting down the most dangerous men in the world, so for years he’s searched for work worthy of his talents.  

Helping find missing children seemed like a worthy cause, even though his agreement with a Miami detective forbade him from doling out his brand of justice to the ones responsible.  

Years of dealing with the underbelly of society, sickos, perverts, and predators have weighed heavily on him, and when he stumbles upon a sadistic family responsible for the suffering of a growing number of children, he finds it increasingly difficult to restrain himself.  

His agreement would have him simply notify the police, but this psychotic family deserves more than prison. 

They deserve condemnation. 

Or better yet, CaneDemnation.


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