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thriller short stories

Cane's Detour & Daniel's Darkness

A lethal assassin. A colossal man with a violent past. See how both become stumble into heroism. 

Meet the two main characters in Written By Blood: Conviction through two short stories.  

Cane’s Detour 

It was supposed to be a typical job for Cane, another methodical assassination executed like so many others. But when a frightened, bloody woman jumps out in front of his truck in the middle of nowhere, everything about his night instantly changes. To help this woman, Cane will have to make a detour. Will he consider it? After all, he's on a tight schedule, and she's seen his face.   

Daniel’s Darkness 

Daniel is recovering from life-threatening injuries he sustained days ago, hiding at an abandoned house provided by a friend. He meets Taryn, a spirited teenager across the street who lives in a hostile household with her mom’s abusive live-in boyfriend. As the danger escalates, Daniel struggles to remain a neutral bystander, but if he intervenes, he won’t be alone. He’ll be accompanied by the darkness that shadows him.

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