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thriller short stories

Sometimes Angry just isn't enough...

Daniel, the colossal antihero from the story Daniel’s Darkness and Conviction, the first novel of the series Written By Blood, has returned, and he’s bigger, badder, and younger, than ever. See how he becomes the monster and meet the unlikely person able to tame him in Detortion.  

After much anticipation, meet William, the third protagonist of the series Written By Blood.  In the prequel William’s Defiance you’ll see how the Army Ranger fights through impossible odds to save innocent families.   


Detort---untwist; to twist the other way. 

Hardened by a violent childhood and driven by a consuming rage, Daniel has been on the streets for most of his life.  When a local businessman/mob boss offers him a job and a place to stay it seems too good to be true. Though work is okay, Daniel is soon bothered by the other employees there: life-long criminals who enjoy tormenting Layla, the boss’s daughter. Daniel’s never had a friend before, but Layla sees past his faults and seems to be able to help him control his darkness. Daniel is discovering a new, better, side of himself, but as tension in the house escalates, how long will Daniel be able to suppress the beast?  

William’s Defiance  

An army ranger. Loyal, skilled, and patriotic. It was supposed to be a simple mission: extract two American diplomats from a civil-war torn country abroad. But when William sees the atrocities committed against innocent civilians, he quickly finds himself torn between duty and defiance.  He can either make the politically correct choice, or he can commit a few atrocities of his own.